Cleaning Bakersfield Carpets For Over 45 Years

                   CARPET     CLEANING

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services 

     Wall to Wall Carpet Cleaning.

   - Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

     -  Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning.

   - Carpet Deodorizing and Sanitizing.

   - Cleaning Carpet Stains and Spots.

   - Pet Stain and Odor Removal

   - Mold and Mildew Treatment.

   - Scotchguard/Teflon.

   - Safe Carpet Shampoos and Rinses

     And Rinses available.

   - And more....


We are fully equipped to perform the proper cleaning technique to residential or commercial carpet. 

Our technicians are experienced to recommend the cleaning procedure which would work best depending on the condition of your carpet.

Proper Cleaning involves using the right cleaning methods:

       * Pre-Conditioning:

      We will prepare your carpet for  maximum soil removal and extraction, by using the correct cleaning agents. This will include any harmful elements that have become embedded deep into your carpet, which over time can ruin your carpet's appearance and color.

  * Spot Removing:

     Special cleaning agents will be used in attempting to remove persistent spots: the fabrics safety if of importance.

   * High Powered "Hot Water Extraction"

      Cleaning solutions under high pressure and temperature, are sprayed into the carpet fibers and scrubbed, followed b a special rinse water. Then our powerful vacuum immediately extracts cleaning agents along with the sod in your carpet. It is left fresh and clean with "no soap" residue to attract future soiling.

   * Carpet Protector

      Your Carpet will be carefully treated with carpet protectant by our trained service technicians. For a small investment, you'll get added protection from soil and many staining agents.  All carpet protectant: Scotch guard /Teflon, usually stays on for 2 to 3 cleanings, which gives peace of mind.


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Did you know, most carpet manufacturers recommend regular professional hot water extraction, carpet cleaning in order to keep your carpet in tip-top shape!



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