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Other carpet cleaning firms are cheaper why is that ?
We have built our business on our quality work. We do not use "bait and switch" as part of our sales strategy, unfortunately in the industry some operators do.
Our price is reflective of the top quality work, equipment and materials used when we clean. Quality cleaning and care extends the life of your rug and furniture, while poor quality cleaning can leave behind residues and actually harm your investment!

Is there anything I should do to prepare for your arrival ?
It's a good idea to vacuum before we arrive and make sure that toys are picked up from the floor.  We carefully move all reasonable furniture and put it back in place.  However, we do ask that you remove all breakables such as lamps, knick-knacks, and photo frames.

How often should my carpet be cleaned?
Doctors recommend that people with allergies and Asthma wash their carpeting, drapes and upholstered furniture every 3 to 6 months. Vacuuming alone will not do the trick. Professional cleaning is the key to killing dust mites which is the number one cause of allergens in the indoor environment. We recommend cleaning residential carpet with medium traffic area at least once a year.
Note: Carpet protector is strongly recommended as it can prevent many permanent stains,
assist in resisting traffic area damage and make future cleaning more effective. Regular foot traffic removes much of the factory protection from your carpet, leaving your carpet unprotected could allow permanent stains, premature wear and cause a lower appearance level. Ask your technician about protector.

How long will my carpet take to dry?
Drying time depends on some variables such as the thickness of pile and fibers, the weather conditions and the air circulation in your home. The normal drying time is from 4 to 6 hours. With our "Quick Dry" process drying times can be reduced by as much as 50% of normal.

I have allergies and am worried if the chemical that you use will bother me ?
The solutions that we use are environmentally safe and completely nontoxic and are safe for people with allergies, children and pets. Rugs and furniture can harbor soil and other contaminates. Properly cleaning your carpet and furniture will remove the built up soil and contaminates to improve indoor air quality and reduce allergens.

How do I treat spills and stains ?
First scoop up any solids that have been spilled. (Loose potting soil, any solids that can be lifted. Then blot the area with white toweling. Be careful not to smudge the spot. If you cannot remove the stain , call us at 1(661)397-0700.

What are those funny things (blocks or tabs) that you put under my furniture ?
They are protective coasters and are there to protect your carpet from rust or furniture stains. You should wait until your carpet is completely dry before removing them.

When I have my upholstery cleaned, how long do I have to leave my cushions propped ?
Your cushions will be propped for better drying, and paper will be placed between contacting surfaces to prevent color transfer.  You should leave everything in place until upholstery is completely dry.

What do I do after my carpeting has been cleaned ?
Immediately after cleaning: Floors can be slippery after cleaning. Be careful when walking from the carpet to a hard surface until the carpeting is thoroughly dry. Remove any blocks or tabs after 24 hours. Vacuum carpet anytime after a 24-hour period. 

I want to purchase my first expensive rug. Is there anything I should know before making a choice?
You are right in choosing an expensive carpet, provided that the seller can guarantee you that the carpet will not shrink during cleaning, that the color is fast and will not run or fade and that the fibers are of the highest quality. Carpets manufactured from natural fibers are usually more durable than synthetics.

I wish to lay down wall-to-wall carpets, but am afraid of high maintenance costs. Should this concern me?
Once you have decided to make the investment and install wall-to-wall carpeting, you should be prepared for professional cleaning services at least once a year. While this seems to be an expensive proposition, it is far cheaper than replacing sections of your carpet that have suffered excessive wear and tear because abrasive dust particles were left on the carpet for too long a period of time. So, the answer is NO! Protect your investment. It's worth it.

With children in the home how can I keep my wall-to-wall carpets stain free?
Some carpets are chemically treated against staining. When small children are involved, this is always a wise option. However, even with chemically treated carpets, you will require professional cleaning from time to time as nothing is absolutely foolproof.

I am moving out of my home in a month's time. How can I leave it looking good without wasting too much energy?
Good question! The perfect answer is hire a professional to do the job for you. Let's face it. No one has that little bit of extra energy after all the hassles of packing and garage sales etc.



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